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Q.  Why do you offer two material thicknesses?
A.  Durability.  If you only need the tags to last one year, you will be fine with the .015" thickness.  When the tags need to last longer (or in extreme conditions), or stand up to potential abuse such as weed-eaters, we recommend the .030" thickness.

Q.  What is your print method, and why?
A.  Depending on the item you purchase, we either screen print or digitally print.  Both of these methods are excellent for outdoor use, unlike flexography or offset printing.

Q.  I want to order a 1-color tag, but I only have a multi-color logo.  What should I do?
A.  Our true suggestion would be to order the multi-color tag, so you stay with your branding efforts.  But we understand there is a price difference, so some will lean towards the one-color option.  Select the 1-color product you would like, and in the "Additional Information" section, make note that we should convert your color logo into a greyscaled image.  The image with then print in the color you selected.  Most likely, our art department will issue a supplemental proof.  (You should also email or "FTP" us all formats of the logo that you have.  In many cases, you have a file format that you cannot open, but it is the best file type for us to use.)

Q.  Will I receive a proof after I create my artwork online?
A.  The image that you approve online at the end of the creation process is your proof.  So please, double-check your spelling, phone and certification numbers, etc.  Sun Graphic Technologies, Inc. is not responsible for misspellings, punctuation, etc.

Q.  I have ordered from Sun Graphic Technologies in the past.  Does SunGT have my art on file, or do I need to recreate my design here?
A.  We have your previous art on file.  If you can let us know the job number or invoice number of your last job, and tell us what minor art changes are needed (i.e. years, certification number, etc.), we will process your order and issue a pdf proof for approval.  You do not need to recreate the layout here.

Q.  I want to create a tag that is unrelated to certifications.  Can I create a layout that contains any information?
A.  Yes.  Use the blank template to create a layout for any purpose.  The content printed on the tag is up to you.

Q.  I want a tag that is a different size than offered on your website.  Can I get a custom-sized tag?
A.  Yes.  Essentially, we can make a tag in any size you need.  It will require a custom quote though.  Please contact us via email with your custom specifications.

Q.  Does Sun Graphic Technologies produce items other than outdoor-durable tags?
A.  Yes.  We offer a wide variety of custom imprinted sign-type items including decals, signage, and vehicle graphics.  We produce marketing items that help your business grow, capturing the attention of your prospects and clients.  Our niche is medium to large volume.  Email us with your product interest, and we will let you know if we can help.

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